Closing Thoughts – Exhibition in Review

June 22, 2016    

Every year is better than the last, and this year was no different. What an amazing exhibition! We hosted over 4000 patrons as they perused over 200 sculptures showcased on the grounds of Hillview Heritage Hotel. With incredible displays of local art, we continued to pave the way for regional art showcases through exemplary attendance and artistic quality. Huge thanks are due to all of our sponsors and volunteers, as they enable us put this exhibition on every second year. As well, a massive thank you is due to the community, for welcoming and supporting us.

2016 was an amazing year, and we are so thrilled with the turnout. However, we can only take a few moments to rest on our laurels before we start looking ahead. A fantastic 2016 only means we have to accomplish even more in 2018, and we are eagerly planning for our upcoming exhibition. Check back here for more information, or  

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