Hillview Sculpture Biennial 2018 will feature around 120 outdoor and indoor sculptures. Drawing upon talent from the local and wider community, the exhibition will allow visitors from the district and beyond to explore and interact with contemporary sculpture surrounded by Hillview's magnificent cultural landscape.  Hillview takes art from the walled gallery into the open air and beyond, allowing it to be seen in new light, and playfully contrasting the natural surroundings. Artworks are available for purchase, supporting the artists in their practice.  Hillview is deeply rooted in the Southern Highlands community, and is a chance for the district as a whole to strengthen it's love for art and attract new visitors from surrounding and distant regions.


Hillview Sculpture Biennial is a stimulating and considered exhibition of contemporary sculpture in the iconic grounds of historic Hillview.  Superbly located at Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Hillview is steeped in history and was the former Vice Regal summer retreat of NSW Governors from the 1880s to the 1950s. The Biennial transforms the property into a carefully curated space where local, national and international artists exhibit their artworks throughout the grounds and buildings of this heritage listed property.


Hillview Heritage Hotel

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Set in the heart of the beautiful Southern Highlands, Hillview offers magnificent views of valleys, rivers, and picturesque sunsets. Though initially utilized as a Vice Regal Retreat, Hillview now operates as a boutique hotel offering romantic and family getaways in private vintage cottages. Several rooms in the estate offer incredible opportunities for cocktail parties or family dinners, and the site is heavily used as one of the Southern Highland's top wedding destinations. Visit our website to lean more.

Previous Exhibitions

Sculpture at Hillview 2016

Sculpture at Hillview 2016 was a resounding success, showcasing over 168 pieces from renowned artists. Over 8,000 visitors attended, and the exhibition as a whole struck a chord with the local community.  The 2016 iteration placed Sculpture at Hillview on the map nation wide, and created an incredible precedent for future rural sculptural exhibits.


2016 exhibiting artists included:

Cathie Alexander
Felix Allen
Sharnie Shield
Peter Annis
Didier Balez
Paulineke Polkamp
David Ball
June Bennett
Tobias Bennett
Bronwyn Bernam
Senden Blackwood
Ben Blakebrough
Kerry Boer
Miriam Bos
James Bunter
Peter Campbell
Rick Allen
Thomas Cecchi
Keith Chidzey
Gary Christian
Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova
Carol Lehrer Crawford
Owen Dark
Paul Dimmer

Monica Donoso
David Doyle
Tom Emmett
Geoff Farquhar-Still
Harrie Fasher
Paul Gennings
Harriet Goodall
Jesse Graham
Michael Greve
Selina Hitches
Shannon Hobbs
Vikki Holik-Blazley
Jane Hopper
Eden Hunt
Trent Jansen
Freya Jobbins
Sam Larwill
Leon Lester
Peter Lewis
Julie Love
John Lynch
Lucinda McDonald
Heidi Mcgeoch
Peter Menage Smith

Victoria Monk
Robert Neeson
Vlase Nikoleski
Justin Pearson
Mick Pfahl
Al Phemister
Eden Plaisted
Michael Purdy
Jimmy Rix
Robin Rumpf
Ayako Saito
Maurice Schlesinger
Jan Shaw
Catriona Stanton
Britta Stenmanns
Samantha Stephenson
Ralph Tikerpae
Silvia Tuccimei
Joe Vinks
Vince Vozzo
Jacek Wankowski
John Woffinden

Sculpture at Hillview 2014

Sculpture at Hillview 2014 attracted a fabulous range of emerging and established artists which showcased 107 pieces and brought around 4000+ visitors to the region with rave reviews in many local and national publications.


2014 exhibiting artists included:

Cathie Alexander
Pat Anderson
Peter Annis
David Ball
Sandy Bliim
Kerry Boer
Miriam Bos
Thomas Cecchi
Keith Cidzey

Celeste Coucke and Helen Draper

Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova
Corinne Dany
Paul Dimmer
Geoff Farquhar-Still
Amanda Harrison
Laura Hunt
Peter Lewis
Dan Lorrimer

Lucinda McDonald
Al Phemister
Geoffrey Pollard
Jimmy Rix
Pauline Sedgwick
Robyn Sharp
Britta Stenmanns
Philip Walker

Sculpture on High 2012

The inaugural 2012 exhibition, Sculpture on High, successfully showcased some 50 artworks and was well supported by artists and the local and wider community.


2012 exhibiting artists included:

Dave Ball
Judy Coverdale-Fronsnova
Paul Dimmer
Geoff Farquhar-Still
Jeffrey Frith
Miranda Lean

Gwen Marcus
Lucinda McDonald
Mark McClelland
Kenji Pfahl
Britta Stenmanns
Joe Vinks

Philip Walker
Jacek Wankovski
Michael Yabsley
Efat Yahyaoglu